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Bio X4 Reviews

Below are actual customer reviews of Bio X4. Click on these Nucific reviews to read about why people love Nucific Bio X4.

Bio X4 Reviews

Salli, on 09-29-2021
Really Good!

Hi, I have been taking Bio X4 for about 2 weeks now and have definitely noticed some positive changes. My digestion is much better, less gas and bloating and less cravings for sugar. A real game changer for me! Thanks Nucific :)

Megan, on 09-23-2016
Love the benefits

Before Bio-X4 I had perpetual heartburn. Now I have none. I don't crave junk food. I used to clear my plate and now I eat less often leaving food or taking less to begin with. I have even given some to my family to help them with digestive issues. Thank you Nucific for a great product that really works!

Pablo Campos, on 09-11-2017
BIO-X4 has already started helping me!

I've been taking BIO x4 for 5 weeks. Without going into detail, within the first few days I went from having inconsistent bathroom visits to regular. This alone, if it was the only benefit would make the product worth it. For those of you with similar issues, I know you would agree. I've also noticed my bloating problems and painful abdominal issues have nearly completely stopped. I'm a very satisfied customer so far. Thanks so much Nucific and Dr. Lee!

Mari, on 08-08-2016

I have been using Bio x4 for almost 3 months and I am good with it. I eat a very clean and lean diet and had hit a plateau and thought Nucific would help but I'm in the same plateau. I'm in a calorie deficit but I just may need to increase my protein as well. I do like Biox4 and will continue to use it as well as the Deep cell activator. Thank you Mari

Robert T. Curry, on 08-17-2017
My Experience with Bio-X4

Bio-X4 helps tremendously in aiding my digestive system and calms my abdominal in better overall eating and drinking of liquids. Thank you Nucific!

Eric Oliver, on 08-01-2017
Great results

I have found that my 10 pound weight loss, balance in regularity and general comfort can be directly attributed to my daily use of Nucific Bio X4

Kelly, on 07-06-2016
Great product that delivers exactly what they claim.

BIO-X4 turned out to be a great surprise. I began taking it with little expectations, after all there are so many so called miracle supplements on the market that do absolutely nothing. BIO-X4 is different. Within a two week period I began feeling more energetic. I noticed my appetite lessened and began to lose weight. It is easy to take with no awful taste or bad side effects. I just feel better! In fact, I like it so much I have my daughter and elderly mother using BIO-X4 as well. I have also ordered other Nucific products and am waiting anxiously to begin taking them.

Thembi, on 07-05-2016

I was amazed and so very thankful for the change that the Bio X4 has made in my digestion after only a few days. In my 30s I developed a food allergy to beef and over time that began to evolve into adverse reactions to other foods that were common in my diet. Three or four days after starting with Nucific - just three capsules a day - i noticed a change in my digestion as well as the way i felt if i had happened to eat any red meat. I only marked four stars for now because i haven't seen any weight loss, but i will continue with the product for two reasons - I'm expecting great results in my weight loss endeavors and i already love the benefits provided thus far. I'm glad i stumbled upon this product.

Nancy Franklin, on 07-29-2017
Repeat Customer

I have been using Biox4 for over a year now. My appetite is under control, I have no cravings for junk food and my metabolism is somewhat faster than before. I have lost 18 lbs, very gradually over the last year. I will continue to use Biox4 long term and other products by Nucific.

Tom , on 07-17-2016
Great, love the product...

It's been about 2 months since I've started taking BIOX4. My system feels cleaner, my complexion feels great. I've lost about 10 pounds. And I will continue to use it everyday. Love this and also Deep Cell Activator. I have recommended to all my friends. Thank you Dr. Lee, and Nucific , it's part of my everyday ritual. Thanks again.

Danielle, on 06-03-2016
Energy Boost and so much more!

I have been taking BIO X4 for almost two months now and I have noticed a difference in my energy level! I no longer feel like I need to take a nap when I get home from work. It's allowed to to get motivated to work out more and I really do feel it has helped with digestion and in turn shedding a few pounds. I am a huge believer in too many preservatives aid in our weight problem, at least for me personally. So when I found Nucific and this digestive aid , I rushed to try it. So glad I did!! I definitely recommend BIO X4!

Kelsey, on 06-27-2016
Works as promised

Nucific biox4 got me over my plateau I had been stuck on for 4 months and even recommend my husband try it is wasn't so impressed.

Lauren, on 06-26-2019
Very happy with BIO-X4

I've never been a dieter. We never had soda as kids or cereal, we ate very healthy and well balanced meals. I gained alot of weight in my 40's due to several factors of my life. I came across Nucific Dr Lee online tried it out and have been using BIO-X4 since 2016. It's excellent for me I am very happy as is my husband :-)I love the product!!

Rojo Lobo, on 06-17-2016
Love the results!

I have been taking Nucific Bio x4 in conjunction with eating clean food on the Whole 30 program. I feel fantastic, full of energy, and have lost those horrible cravings for unsatisfying food. My skin is clearer, my hair is shiny, and oh yeah, I've lost 43 pounds since Jan 1st!

Angie, on 06-14-2016
Helpful to keep the sweet cravings down

In the last 5 yrs I've lost over 35 lbs the hard way, diet and lots of exercise. Being healthy has always been my main goal. Of course 10-15 lb have found their way back to my stomach! I have done alot of research on nutrition and found my way to Nucific and BIO-X4.This product helps keep me on track and helps with the sugar cravings. I haven't taken it long enough to see lots of weight loss, but it is helping. I really appreciate the science behind the product!

Marie, on 05-09-2016
Love it

So far I have only good things to say about this product and Nucific in general. Normally I would never even take a second look at an advertisement for a weight loss product much less purchase one but this one was different. What caught my eye was that it is all natural ingredients and Nucifics stance that you also need to eat right and exercise along with taking the pills. It's all good sound advice. What I like most about BIO-X4 is it's ability to curb my horrendous appetite for sweets!!! I truly don't crave them anywhere near as much as I did previously. This in itself is worth it to me. I have put forth the effort to eat better and exercise and so far I've lost 13 pounds! But the weight loss was not the main reason I started taking the pills, my health is.

Stephanie, on 05-06-2016
Works just as they say it will.

It took a couple of days for the Nucific BioX4 to really kick in but when it did it worked awesome. So far I have lost 10 lbs. in about 4 weeks. I have lots more to go so we'll see. As far as any increase in energy it is kind of hard for me to tell because I have a heavily screwed up back and that wears me down.

Sandy, on 05-04-2016
I really like it!

I started BIO X4 because I needed something that was natural and organic to help me along my weight loss journey. I had already started my journey before I ordered or even heard about it BIO. So when I watched the video I knew it was something that I needed to get. I needed to amp it up and BIO really helped me and still is helping me! Thanks so much for making this product! I am starting to see the transformation in my body and I feel better too! I have more energy to do my workouts or go walking...its truly a great product. I really truly give thanks to the Heavenly Father for having me run across your video!Thanks again Nucific!

Scarecrow, on 05-30-2016
It works for me

Nucific's Bio~X4 seems to work for me; one must be patient to see results though. When taken as directed with the proper amount of water and the recommended increase in activity you can see results. I have ONE CONCERN, my last re order, I received one bottle of what I had been taking [Bio~X4] and I upped that particular re order to get a two month supply and instead of receiving two bottles of the Bio~X4, I only got one of those and the other has a totally different label as [Digest] Are these the same thing under new labeling?

Micheline, on 05-29-2016
Pills are easy to swallow and doesn't leave a bad taste afterwards in your mouth.

I am a new client with Nucifix. I never order products on line but took a chance with BIO X4. I have been taking the pill for about 3 weeks . I take it only in the morning intead of 3 times a day. The product does what it promotes. I have more energy , less cravings and I am now starting to see a difference in my clothes...if I would flow the directions of the BIO X4 and take one pill 3times a day I am sure the results would be amazing. So Nucific you've made me a believer . Now if I only had more determinations to pursue a weight goal it would be perfect. Does that product brings that willpower too? Time will tell.

Kris, on 05-26-2016
Since taking bioX4 I have taken it upon myself to also eat completely clean besides on Friday my cheat day which is Friday. While changing my eating pretty extremely and taking bioX4 for approximately 1 month now I have lost about 10 pounds and am not blo

I have only taken diet supplements once when I was in 9th grade and I am currently 24. I find most are not really helpful and are just out there to make money and give people an easy way out. I like to push myself and live a pretty healthy and positive life. When I watched the bioX4 video online through news I got very inspired. I came across the video by mistake but am very happy I did. I had several questions and the video was so detailed and informational by the end of the video I had no questions and couldn't wait to go home and order bioX4 which I did immediately after I got home from work. I ordered 3 bottles and actually just bought another one this week. I shared the first 3 bottles with my boyfriend and it helped his digestive problems immensely! I reviewed this product before purchasing it and found nothing but good feedback. I just want to pass along the good vibes. I highly recommend bioX4 it works and the ingredients are healthy, natural and no side effects came from taking this organic product. Thank you yahoo mail!!! And Nucific!!!

Timothy, on 05-23-2016
Love the results

My experience with BIO X4 has been very positive. For several years I had struggled with bloating, gas and constipation. I was not aware of the importance of probiotics until I did a search of my symptoms and found an informative video made by Nucific promoting BIO X4. It was such an informative video that I had to take notes as was suggested by Dr. Amy Lee. I have been taking BIO X4 for 3-6 months now and I am very satisfied with the results. My bloating and gas problems have subsided tremendously. My constipation problems have also improved! For many months I have struggled with my weight having plateaued. I could not lose any more weight until after taking BIO X4. I have lost 2 extra lbs thanks to BIO X4! Thank you!!

Rosalie, on 05-21-2016
Results I wanted from week one

I purchased Nucific BIO X4 for myself and my 21 year old granddaughter. More and more foods were beginning to bother my stomach. I was lactose intolerant among other things and the problems it caused were uncomfortable and embarrassing. From starting to use Bio X4 I am no longer suffering from lactose intolerance. I have no more bathroom issues and am feeling more energy. My granddaughter has stated many of the same praises and also has lost 17 pounds in a short time. She and I are ecstatic with our results. I have recommended it to other family members and friends.

Ingrid, on 05-02-2016
Loving the Product so much.

Hi, My name is Ingrid Weaselfat and I am enjoying the product BIOX4. It's helped me feel better, think better, and eat better. I will continue to use BIO X4 and I'm just so happy to find something so awesome! Thank you again NUCIFIC. Thank you. Ingrid

Highway2Health, on 05-11-2016
Very easy to take and remember!

I've notice the BIO-X4 helps with my digestion and regularity. My poop floats in the toilet now and it doesn't make me feel weird after taking them. Also, it doesn't interfere with the multivitamin I take in the morning. I really think this is what I needed to support my weight loss efforts. Thanks Nucific!:')

Teddy J, on 04-18-2016
Great Digestive Support

I have noticed an improvement in my digestion & bowels since I began taking Nucific Bio-X4 about 2 months ago. I have just started Weight Watchers & I believe that this product is a great aide in the weight that I have lost so far. I feel healthier overall & there has been a marked improvement in my bowel regularity.I would definitely recommend this product.

Curtis, on 04-13-2016
overall ... I am happy with the product meeting expectations

minimal experience of the weight management benefits (just finishing my third bottle) ... but extremely happy with the digestive support benefits ... as I previously stated I suffer from 'diverticulitus' and have noticed a significant improvement with the discomforts of this ailment ... looking forward to the weight loss management improvement with my next order ... thanx Nucific for BIO X4

Cheryl, on 04-13-2016
Great product

Like most other people trying to lose weight and keep it off, I have tried several supplements over the years, but none impressed me to the point where I reordered it. Nucific Bio-X4 is the first, and I intend to continue using it. In fact, I have already recommended it to a friend. The biggest improvement has been in my digestion of foods, but I have also noticed a slight decrease in appetite and I have been able to keep off the pounds I recently lost, and I believe your supplement is the reason. I started taking it just as I was losing some weight by closer attention to my diet and I believe it made losing the last couple of pounds easier.

Pete, on 04-01-2016
Everything I expected

So, I'm male, 54 years old, and stepped on the scale on January 17, 2016 and weighed to 246 lbs. 20-25 lbs of that came out of nowhere in the last couple of years. I had just watched a documentary on how bad added sugar is for the human body, and decided to go "cold turkey" on sugar. After only a couple weeks I noticed a big difference in my appearance, especially my face, less bloated. It didn't translate to the scale though, I had only lost 2-3 lbs. But I was still encouraged by the results and after reading more about weight loss and food, decided to start eating only single ingredient foods, which includes, nuts, seeds, spices, eggs, meat (mostly chicken and turkey), and of course, all fruits and vegetables. About the same time I saw a presentation by Dr. Amy Lee about Nucific's BIO-X4 product. Everything she said about this natural product made total sense to me, and I started taking BIO-X4 three times a day in early Feb. If you remember on January 17 I stepped on the scale at 246 lbs. This morning March 17, I stepped on the scale at 217 lbs! My goal is to get under 200. I live in the Midwest and haven't got much exercise since I started my diet and BIO-X4, only a little I do at home (I can't stand it gyms). When the weather breaks I will be out on my bicycle, I love to ride, and that is right around the corner and I'm sure will be the kicker in reaching my goal! Nucific has been very supportive via emails with tips and encouragement and I've become a big fan of Amy Lee. She's so down to earth and knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in helping people. Thanks Amy for developing this product! Your knowledge and your encouragement have changed my life!

Clc6126, on 03-31-2016
Absolutely the BEST product I've tried!

This is the 1st time I've tried Nucific Bio X4. I was so impressed with the way I felt. I was finally having regular bowl movements (and that alone is a miracle). I had no more bloating and I felt amazing! I'm so glad I decided to try just 1 more product. I would recommend this to everyone including people I run into at tbe pharmacy in the laxative/vitamin/probiotics isle!!

Nicole, on 03-30-2016
Excellent Product!!

I started my weight loss journey in December of 2015, my husband and I were watching Dr. Amy's YouTube video about Nucific bio x4 and we purchased after watching the video. This product has helped me in my journey along with diet and excercise and I have lost 20lbs. Bio x4 helps to curb my appetite and cleanse my insides and I love it! I would highly recommend this product along with diet and excercise to anyone who is on a journey to better health.

Miguel, on 03-28-2016
Hopeful after approx 2 months.

Incremental changes have taken place in my areas of weight loss, inches around the waist, bathroom trips (healthy extractions), and energy levels during most days. Although I have not increased my minimal exercise regimes, my diet has been modified as a result of Nucific's product (BioX4) use, and my shared modifications with a supporting spouse, which has caused me to eat less per serving and select healthier choices. Looking forward to comparing my status after completing 90 days of supplement use at 3 times a day before meals. We shall see!!

Krissy, on 03-27-2016
it seems to have made a difference

I have enjoyed using my BIO - X4 and your e-mails have made me more aware of healthy choices. I have had three good experiences ordering by phone; however, afraid one experience (Billie) was mostun pleasant so I disconnect and had questions. All in all I have found NUCIFIC to be most informative and have enjoyed your products.

George Clayton, on 03-20-2016
easy to swallow

at first not sure if I wanted to try bio x4 of all the stuff I tried in the past bio x4 is working for me . I used to take milk of magnesia three times a week I have not touch it since I started bio x4 almost done my second bottle thank you NUCIFIC

Pamela, on 03-17-2016
It's working!

Nucific has given me the opportunity to jumpstart my weight loss and health awareness again!! I began with BIO X4 and have experienced cravings-control that has been missing for quite some time. This motivated me to supplement my healthier eating with exercise and I just enrolled in SNAP fitness! I am so excited at the prospect for feeling great again and healthier living.

Stefanie, on 11-13-2020
LOVE this Product!

I can't say enough about this product! I read the reviews before I purchased and gave it a try. I didn't know what to expect. It has been such a positive contribution to my everyday wellbeing and diet. First, I'd like to start off and tell you that I was having digestive issues for years. I was diagnosed with something referred to as SIBO, small intestinal bacteria overgrowth. In a nutshell, too much of the bad bacteria was wreaking havoc on my small intestine. This caused a lot of stomach pain, bloating, gas, indigestion, and constipation. The probiotic in this product along with a digestive enzyme has really helped put all theses symptoms to rest. Secondly, the craving blocker has worked amazingly well for me too! I used to eat a lot more sugar. I love it, as most do, but it was hurting my weight loss progress. I noticed a BIG difference in my cravings since taking this product. I no longer wanted to eat sugar and if I had a little, I didn't feel out of control. Third, the appetite suppressant is real. I have noticed that I eat less and I didn't really have to try too hard to do so. I realize that everyone is different and results may be different for everyone, but if you take this product consistently, eat a healthy diet and exercise, you will see and feel the results. After taking this product for about five months, I have lost about 6-7 pounds, have no more bloating, gas or constipation and I have more energy.

Debbie, on 08-05-2017

I love Bio X 4. I had been taking probiotics and was considering another product for digestion/appetite reduction and then saw the commercial for this product with them all in one! I've been taking it for six months and I feel great. Pair this up with a healthy diet and exercise and you'll have all you need for success.

Linda, on 02-24-2017
Helps with weight loss.

I tried other Probiotics, BIO X4 seems to work better and doesn't cause constipation like some others.

Ashlee, on 01-24-2017
Helps with digestion

I'm a flight attendant, and living my life at altitude has left me super hungry some days, but also so bloated and miserable by most healthy high fiber food options. (Especially vegetable heavy meals like salads.) I'd end up grumpy hungry, but the only things that would sit well were empty carbs that made me feel even worse energy wise. Since I started taking bioX4, I feel satisfied by the small healthy meals that I pack for myself and almost never struggle with that aweful bloated feeling. I can't speak to the weight loss benefits, I really haven't seen much change there, but then again I've opted mostly to use it as a tool specifically for the days I'm on the airplane. My only hesitation in recommending this product to friends is the add heavy purchasing experience. I understand the need to promote your products, however all the "but wait, there's more!" windows that one has to click through are frustrating. I always know how much I'm prepared to buy at the time of purchase and they do not sway me.

Jane , on 09-19-2016
I believe it is helping my condition

I have ulcerative colitis and take the Bio-4x for the digestive enzymes and the probiotics. Along with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, I am enjoying the best health I have had in over a year. The weight loss is a definite added benefit to me as I was overweight at the time of my diagnosis. I have lost 45 lbs in just under a year and feel really quite good. I am not sure whether your product has been the reason for all of the weight loss but I am sure it has helped considerably. I have had a couple of flare-ups since using this product but they have resolved quickly without further medication so I feel the combination of your product and the diet are helping to keep me healthy. Thank you

Timothy, on 05-23-2016
Love the results

My experience with BIO X4 has been very positive. For several years I had struggled with bloating, gas and constipation. I was not aware of the importance of probiotics until I did a search of my symptoms and found an informative video made by Nucific promoting BIO X4. It was such an informative video that I had to take notes as was suggested by Dr. Amy Lee. I have been taking BIO X4 for 3-6 months now and I am very satisfied with the results. My bloating and gas problems have subsided tremendously. My constipation problems have also improved! For many months I have struggled with my weight having plateaued. I could not lose any more weight until after taking BIO X4. I have lost 2 extra lbs thanks to BIO X4! Thank you!!

Emily, on 05-19-2016

I have been trying various probiotic supplements and digestive enzymes for years. I never thought about a product that would offer both. I really appreciate that BIO-X4 is shelf stable, meaning I can pack it in my bag and take it on the go. Other probiotics that I have used need to remain refrigerated- meaning I can only take them when I am at home (which eventually leads to me forgetting too take them as frequently as I need to). BIO-X4 has very simple instructions; take 20 minutes before food with 2 glasses of water. This helps in a number of ways, increasing water intake, slowing down and assessing hunger before eating and the benefits of probiotics and digestive enzymes to aid digestion. I honestly can't imagine my life without BIO-X4. It is one of those products that I am praying will stay in production forever because of how much it has help my digestion. This is an area of my life that I have struggled with for a very long time and it feels like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders now that I have found BIO-X4!

Barbara, on 05-14-2016
Fantastic product!

I have been using Bio-X4 for 1.5 months now and my friends are telling me how great I look and asking about my new exercise regime.I feel more energized but never jittery, I am sleeping better and do not feel the need or desire to want to take a nap in the afternoon, my bowels have become very regular, my stomach used to bloat after eating certain foods and that no longer happens! All I know for sure is that I like the way I look and feel. I have tried using Garcinia Cambogia and never felt as good as I feel now. I have shared the product with friends and will be a "lifer" as I love all the positive benefits of the product.

Sharon, on 05-04-2016
Tough Case

The BIO-X4 is working great. I love having the enzymes, probiotic and weight management supplements all in one product. I have always had digestive issues and since I've been taking this product I am going regularly on a daily basis. It's been a challenge and a learning process to heal my gut but with BIO-X4 I am seeing improvements daily.

Tracey, on 03-08-2016
Love this product!

I haven't felt this good ever in my whole life! The probiotics work wonderfully and easily (there is no cramping or pain like other products), the green tea creates so much energy and burn effect it is amazing! I have been taking this product now for about 5 weeks...have lost 7 pounds and 5 inches...and I haven't even exercised regularly! I imagine pounds will just drop off once I start walking daily again! My skin is cleared up (Eczema), the redness and dry patches are gone! I would highly recommend BioX4 to anyone who wants to: lose weight, gain energy, feel better, clear your skin, and gain general overall great health!

Wren, on 02-03-2019
Feeling good :)

I have been taking BIO-X4 for a week following a 7 day full body cleanse. I feel good soo far and anticipating trying out other Nucific products ! Wren

Patricia Foor, on 02-01-2020

I am on day 28 of my BIO-X4 and the results are incredible! I no longer have crazy food cravings, my heartburn is GONE, [...] I am 65 years old and teach kindergarten....this product gives me the energy I need to conquer the challenges of my workday! I am beginning to take two other Nucific products to increase my fat burning and I truly see the positive results on a daily basis! Thank you for your quality products and the rigorous research that goes into bringing us such a healthy solution to many digestive and weight issues.

Paul, on 12-08-2019
Smooth Flat Stomach

Stomach feels better all day and flatter than before. Makes me more aware of what I am eating and how the food is being utilized as a result of Nucific Bio-X4

Michael Wyant, on 12-12-2019
A future healthy Texan

I have been taking BIO X4 for 3 weeks now and have enjoyed more energy and better digestion. In addition, I am following several of the Nucific suggestions: 1) eating less 2) healthy snacks between meals 3) more regular exercising 4) drinking more water, etc. I have even tried the Salmon recipe made with Saki, Miso Paste, Soy Sauce & Honey which was absolutely fabulous. Everything so far seems to agree with me. I have lost a few pounds and feel like I am on my way to achieving my overall health and weight loss goals.

Anita, on 11-25-2016
It's a keeper

Before I started bio-x4 my stomach would blow up and food just didn't seem to digest. My food layed heavy especially after eating certain foods. I knew I needed to take probiotics and enzymes but didn't know which one would be best, and being on a tight budget, what was I to do? I also had cramping, bloating and lots of gas. When I was on my I pad searching some things I saw a picture of these funny looking things and wondered what that was, when the article from Nucific by Dr. Amy Lee came up I decided to read it. It was very informative and made a lot of sense so I decided to try it Lo and behold it worked!! What a difference it has made and I can even eat things I couldn't before. I know some people have complained about the price, but I have to say Nucific has been wonderful on their sales promotion to get the price I can afford. I also enjoy the updates and recipes from Dr. Lee. I did not get this product for weight loss but I'm sure it could help if you exercised and ate less. My husband had the same kinds of problems and he said it works for him. As we age we have to be more vigilant in our health care and this product is a keeper for sure. Thank your for taking out the guess work for people like me.

Dora, on 11-02-2016
I love Bio X4

I was having problems with gas and discomfort, I gave Bio X4 I try and it took me like a month and a half to start feeling better. In fact I have ordered 7 bottles for me and to share, I feel it is helping me loose weight and I feel more energetic during the day. Thank you Nucific, food is now welcomed and enjoyed

Elizabeth B, on 10-08-2021

I have been using BioX4 approximately 3 weeks. I have more energy, exercise & eat small vegetarian meals & water. I’ve lost 3 pounds! I recommend Nucific as a lifestyle

Gerald L, on 10-03-2021
Bio X4

I had been dieting for 2 weeks before starting Bio X4 when I decided I need a edge to curve cravings. This is my 29th day using Bio X4 and I have been taking it as suggested. [...] The food cravings and hunger have gone away making it easier to diet. My energy levels are great, and no more bloating as well. BIO X4 is a wonderful product. I bought 2 bottles to start with so that I could give my body a chance to become familiar to the life style change. Thank you Nucific!

Adelite, on 10-26-2016
Nucific Bio-X4 delivers on its promise

Nucific Bio-X4 delivers on its promise. For me, the main and obvious benefit is getting over my 'addiction' to energy bars. I would skip meals to be able to have my daily fix of the sweet bars. Now I have one now and then, even if it's been in my purse for days, as a reserve for 'hunger pang'. Also, taking the Bio-X4 is like installing an interior sweep inside my system. Definitely works!

Doris R, on 10-12-2021
Weight loss

I've been using Nucific bio x44 for a few weeks and have dropped 5 pounds, have more energy and don't feel hungry all the time. Thank you, Dory

Shari V., on 10-11-2021

This is my second time to be on Nucific Bio-x4 and I am so glad after several years, to get back on it. I have all kinds of digestive trouble and this has helped me so much! I know I have way less bloating, and definitely have more regular bathroom habits and I just feel good! I really think it does help with weight loss, maybe with suppressing your appetite...? Anyway, as someone who is leaving her 50's soon, I feel fantastic! I Love it!

Kay Mac, on 01-31-2017
Easy to swallow capsules are great

I have noticed a big improvement in overall digestive process. Improvement in bowel activity. I will continue to use Nucific Bio X4.

Randy, on 01-28-2017
Very effective product.

I use it in combination with more fruits and vegetables, and a strengthening workout with two 25lb weights. I lost 32lbs as a result. The weight was hard to lose before I used Bio x4. Thank you Nucific.

Maribeth, on 01-27-2017
Bio X4,, together with the probiotic, work well for me.

It took a few weeks to get the routine dosage right, but now I'm very satisfied with the results I'm having. I feel like I have more energy. Regularity is no longer problematic, and the frequent stomach aches I'd had have subsided. Because I travel very often for work, and have had ongoing challenges with regularity. That is no longer a problem now that I'm taking Bio X4 and Nucific probiotic formula.

Anita, on 01-27-2017
I love the fact that I don't have the bloated stomach less often.

I have been using the product now almost 5 months. I haven't changed my eating pattern much, although I would love to, to increase weight loss. Yet since taking Bio-X4, I've noticed some inch loss, and the bloated stomach rarely ever anymore. It curbs my appetite some, and find that if I eat 4-5 small meals per day, I don't snack much. I expected larger results, however, I added another Nucific product Deep Cell Activator, and my appetite increased... but I am finishing the product to give it a chance to show me results. This was added to my daily use, of the Bio-X4. I like the product, and hope for better results.

Vernon, on 01-26-2017
Love the feeling...

When using Bio-X4, I experienced the feeling of relief. I had no more bloating, felt light on my feet, and was a lot more alert. Not to mention losing weight in a healthy way. I know I will be using more Nucific products.

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Nucific Bio X4 FAQ

Why Is Bio X4 So Popular?

One of the hardest aspects of weight management is controlling cravings that cause you to reach for unhealthy foods. Common methods of weight loss, like exercise and short term dieting, can actually increase the intensity of unhealthy food cravings. This threatens to undermine fitness goals.1,2

Bio X4 is so popular because it can provide you with the extra help you need to reach your goals. It contains natural ingredients that naturally ease unhealthy food cravings, like Caralluma Fimbriata. Bio X4 also contains EGCG, a compound found in green tea that supports a healthy metabolism. It’s a great accompaniment for all that you do to work toward your weight management goals.3†*

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

* All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.


Who Is The Manufacturer Nucific Bio X4?

Nucific is a wellness company founded by Dr. Amy Lee, a board-certified internal medicine physician. Dr. Lee specializes in obesity medicine and is a member of the National Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists and the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

Nucific specializes in naturally-derived and science-backed supplements.. It offers a suite of digestive enhancers, weight management probiotics, and metabolic support supplements containing natural ingredients to help people manage their weight, boost their energy, and feel healthier overall.

How Does Nucific Bio X4 Work?

The ingredients in Bio X4 can support weight loss goals, renewed energy levels, and smooth, well-functioning digestion.

Caralluma Fimbriata can support you as you take back control of unhealthy food cravings. Reduced cravings may help support your weight loss goals.†*4
EGCG – a natural compound found in green tea – is a metabolism booster. It may support a feeling of clean, youthful energy and a slimmer-feeling body.†*5
Five strains of probiotics support a smooth, well-running digestive system.†*6
Digestive enzymes help break down foods you eat and extract nutrients from them more efficiently.†*7

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Use only as directed.

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.


Can You Take Bio X4 Without Food?

It is recommended that you take Bio X4 with food, spread out throughout the day. The serving recommendation is 1 capsule with each meal, 3 times a day. You can take up to 2 capsules per meal.8


Are There Any Bio X4 Specials?

Nucific does occasionally offer specials on Bio X4 when you purchase directly from their website. Visit for more details. Additionally, if you buy multiple bottles at a time, you can save with the discounted three-bottle or six-bottle bundles.

Where Can I Buy Bio X4?

You can buy Bio X4 directly from the manufacturer at When you buy directly from Nucific, you can be sure that the product has been quality-tested.

Does Bio X4 Come With A Money-Back Guarantee?

Every individual body is different, and results for any diet or supplement formula will vary. If you try Bio X4 and find that it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can rest easy knowing that you are covered. Every order of Bio X4 is covered by Nucific’s 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.